TechWORX Remote Employee Solutions

Plug & Play solutions

for your remote employees

What is TechWORX?

TechWORX Remote Solutions built a rapid IT hardware purchasing system that’s ideal for high-growth and high-turnover remote work settings, or any situation involving remote or satellite teams. Any medium or large enterprise can benefit from the cyclical efficiencies of our procurement process.

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  • Our clients get only quality-certified used equipment backed by a warranty!
  • Remote employees receive a premium laptop or desktop computer kit that's ready to "plug & play."
  • Includes Tier 1 Tech Support which takes a huge burden off your IT department!

How it works

You simply place your order with a TechWORX representative. Within days your employees will be working on powerful laptops that provide the latest in performance processors and office software. Replacement kits are perfectly configured to your company's technology standard. Departing employees use a convenient return service for closed-loop value recovery and recycling.

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  • Consult with TechWORX on the right technology package for your remote teams and get a customized quote.
  • Place your order and watch your remote teams start working on high performance laptops with all the needed accessories.
  • Recover value of equipment returned by departing employees using our Cast-in-Box partner program.

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