Remote Technology that’s Ready to Go

TechWORX Remote Solutions built a rapid IT hardware purchasing system that’s ideal for high-growth and high-turnover remote or satellite work settings. Almost any medium or large enterprise can benefit from it.

Our clients get only quality-certified used equipment backed by a warranty!

These are high powered laptops with really fast processors and better performance than most standard company laptops! The included peripherals and accessories give our clients superior value over buying new.

Your virtual teams will be supplied according to your company’s technology standards. You simply hand us a list of employees and we handle everything from there!

We even include Tier 1 Tech Support! This makes onboarding a breeze and frees up your IT department to focus on critical business systems instead of helpdesk calls!

Higher computer performance along with our service & tech support means more productivity from each remote worker, and that adds up on your bottom line!


in the event of resignations and terminations, we include the Cast-in-Box™ recovery service. The departing employee gets a special shipping box complete with a prepaid return label and simple instructions. The electronics are safely returned and securely reprocessed.

In short, think of TechWORX as a smart IT hardware procurement service that reduces downtime and increases productivity for remote teams.

What could be Easier?

Your remote teams receive like new laptops, docking stations, keyboards, mouse, power adapter, power strip and ethernet chord. And we can customize a package to meet your specific needs. A super simple instructional video gets them plugged in and up & running in about 2 minutes.

Better Equipment Means Better Results

Our fully updated laptops run really fast and will delight your remote team members as soon as the equipment arrives. When employees use better tools, better work results follow.

Looking for a premium hardware solution to empower your remote teams?